A Sacred Home Health Care, LLC, Mental Health Services, Las Vegas, NV
Promoting active and serene mental health for you

A Sacred Home Health Care, LLC understands the essence of promoting holistic health. Hence, we pay equal attention to their physical and psychological well-being. We always have their best interests at heart and with Joy Medical Center, we bring light to their psychological concerns and help them throughout the process of healing. We believe that providing individualized care will ascertain the best results in promoting mental health. Our services aim to support our clients in living a happy life in their homes.

We offer the following services:

General Practice (for children and adults)

We offer primary care services intended to determine our client’s mental health and problems. We tap into the overall well-being of our clients to determine the best possible intervention for them. We offer our support by providing care services that encourage and nurture healthy practices in our client’s routines. Our goal in providing general practice services is to help them understand their condition and risks and advise them on handling the challenges associated with their condition.

Meditation Management

A peaceful mind is essential in ensuring satisfaction and optimal health. We encourage our clients to exercise active habits to ensure their overall health and the success of their care plan. In our efforts to promote peace of mind, we offer assistance to our clients in establishing a healthy lifestyle that includes incorporating meditating activities into their routines. These activities are designed to manage stress, reduce tension and anxiety, and improve the overall health of our clients.

Psychological Evaluation

Assessment is primarily done to determine the best course of action based on the unique conditions of every individual. Our psychological evaluation is part and partial of the trajectory and success of our services. Establishing an in-depth understanding of your mental health will help us support our clients in lightening the effects of their condition. With this, we offer patient-centered interventions that address mental health issues and promote healthy living.

If you wish us to customize a particular service for you, feel free to send us a message or call us at 702-834-6560.